“Gay brings structure to otherwise chaotic and not well-formed thoughts. She allows you to recognise what you know about yourself but in a supportive manner where you don’t feel judged.”

“I feel empowered to try new things or reject others I don’t like, liberated from my own preconceived opinions and from limitations given by experience and culture and confident in my own strengths and values.”

“You are a critical support for executives who want to gain a greater understanding of themselves.”

“I feel coaching with Gay has had an impact on me both personally and also on my professional performance.  It is a safe space to discuss/unpick/experiment and dig deeper into what is going on. The help that you have provided to me is immeasurable.”

“I was surprised about the subtle yet powerful questioning, the warmth in which it is done, getting well below the surface and coaching me as a whole, and the variety of techniques used.”

“You are very easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable in your company, and therefore it is much easier to open up for more private topics.”

“I’m much more in control and I am very aware of what is really important to me and how I want to feel on a daily basis.”

“I have recommended you to coach multiple individuals who were very different and you have had success with all of them.”

“You listen in a way that I have never known anyone listen and pick up on the slightest cues; sometimes even a breath.  You then apply one of your many techniques/approaches to explore the topic.”

“Now I understand that life is not as black and white as I may see it and that there are many parts that make up the whole me and I can be in touch with all of those parts. This has made me a better executive, wife, daughter and friend.”

“You have a gift for getting inside my world.  Your visualisations (something I was highly sceptical about) genuinely make me feel like you know what was is in my head.  What you have done for me is to hand me the key to a better life.”

“You never judged, and you always surprised me with your perspective and insights.”

“No matter what subject matter in the coaching world or neuroscience etc. you are up to date. As a professional working in this space this builds my confidence.”

“Now I can be my best self, be authentic and better manage my team to succeed”

“You are a good listener and your guidance was based on honesty, and the integrity to recommend action that aligned with my values. This also meant that I had confidence to pursue any resulting actions with conviction.”

“I was surprised that you treated me as a whole and paid attention to nuances of behaviour and beliefs. This was not purely aimed at achieving goals, but rather at achieving a higher level of motivation and well-being.”

“You are empathic and an amazing listener. The questions you ask are extremely insightful and can give a completely different perspective. You are encouraging and motivational and you have a lot of experience with executives.”

“I never know where the conversation will lead but I know I will feel better at the end of it.”

“Thanks to working with Gay, I feel more relaxed overall, and have the self-awareness to apply the right approach; not just at work but also in my personal life.”

“You expect people to put in the work and, in turn, you would do anything in your power to help them unlock their barriers, grow as people, put their demons to rest and achieve their goals and dreams.”

“You are extremely professional and ethical, you go right to the core of the issue and in a very delicate, but assertive, manner address the main points that need attention.”

“Thanks to working with you I can now understand where my strengths lie and how I can make them work to my advantage, as well as understanding how I can keep my inner critic at bay so I can thrive and succeed in all I do.”

“Having the ability to spend this much time purely on my goals and how to get there has been absolutely fantastic. I always found myself looking forward to our sessions.”

“Now I can use the skills I have learned and my understanding of what works and doesn’t work to apply situational response in the moment.”

“You know how to get right to the heart of people’s issues and problems to rocket-boost their success “

“Thanks to working with Gay, I feel better equipped to cope with the many complexities of a senior professional life, but also a richer human being in my whole life.”

“Now I can structure my work and life such that whether I am working or taking time off I am enjoying what I am doing every day.”

“Now I can deal with what is thrown at me in my professional and personal life and feel more resilient, and frankly much wiser, than I’ve ever felt before”

“It has been truly unique and very effective to receive coaching from you. Thank you for sharing your insights with me. It has been a pleasure and made a very positive difference to me as a leader.”

“Now I’m very comfortable in managing complex situations at all levels of the organisation.”

“Everyone needs someone like Gay, someone with a vast array of situational, operational and executive level experience with an approach that puts you at ease instantly.”

“You allowed me to explore the areas that mattered most to me. The questions and challenges that you presented were insightful and steered me towards the underlying issues and areas to explore.”

“I have found my perspective on so many topics that were causing me challenges, confusion or stress.”

“Gay will change your life, for the better”

“I have really enjoyed the coaching and it has been the most effective use of my time across all the leadership development initiatives I have attended.”

“You take the time to really understand what makes people tick and to make them aware of these facts so that you are able to steer them in a direction that fits with their values and lifetime objectives.”

“I felt like you really understood the environment I am operating in and had similar or relatable experiences that gave the conversation purpose and context.”

“Thanks to working with Gay, I feel more empowered to make decisions and on a more influential footing with my fellow exec team.”

“Working with Gay, you can concentrate years of personal development into very few 1-2-1 sessions. It’s learning that you carry with you for the rest of your life.”