Based in the UK, I coach across the globe. The majority of coaching is delivered internationally and for the convenience of clients coaching sessions are delivered by audio and video conferencing. This enables flexibility and accommodates the busy schedules of executives. 
Initial discovery session and completion session are usually held face to face wherever possible. 
Clients to date have been based in the following countries; USA, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, UAE, Romania, Australia, Canada.


I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so I can understand where you are now, as well as listing the values that are most important to you, your aspirations and your coaching goals.   I’ll also ask you to think about how we can best work together and to read and digest information on coaching intentions and our agreement.   We’ll review this preparation at your discovery session. 

Discovery session – two hours 

During your Discovery Session we’ll: 

  • Review your preparation in depth
  • Reflect on your current situation and future aspirations
  • Set overall goals and coaching focus.

Your coaching sessions – 1.5 hours

  • Coaching sessions take place every three weeks 
  • We’ll begin with checking in on your actions and learnings from your last session
  • We’ll then set a coaching focus for the session 
  • Sessions end with us agreeing actions you’ll take for the intervening period. 

I can be available for email correspondence and additional calls between sessions. I will also provide relevant tools and useful reference material as needed. 


  • We will regularly review your goals, evaluate your progress, discuss challenges, celebrate your achievements and focus on your next goals
  • We’ll also check in on how we’re working together; adjusting how we work if necessary as we go along

Completion review –two hours  

At the end of your coaching, we’ll have a focused discussion including the following key themes: 

  • What’s changed? 
  • What have you achieved? 
  • What areas do you still need to work on? 
  • How can you ensure you maintain and build upon your progress?